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Living in a married life. A wife and kids, and many smiles that would continue to go around until the day had ended. Hearing the giggles and laughter of his beloved children, and keeping his equal attention to his beautiful wife; that was how Izaya was living in his home. Three children who would run around and play while he worked. A beautiful wife named _______, who provided the food, sometimes the chores and the paycheck from her job, and the help when needing help on taking care of the troublesome sons and daughter. It was a wonderful life for the informant broker, and because of how his happy marraige life was, his terrible reputation around Ikebukoro slowly turned and it became more of just a faded away nightmare that turned into a fairytail that came true from a story book. He still had his childish personality, but there will be times when he turned more into a responsible father and husband to his household and continued to provide for his family like a responsible husband should; he wasn't taught much about anything of the sort, but his wife taught him many things that he should of learned in his childhood and slowly became a different man. Everyone in Ikebukoro would always smile and whisper in other's ears about the sight that they would see with The Izaya Orihara, holding his little daughter's hand with his son riding on his shoulders and his other son holding his mother's hand while his wife was walking next him, lacing their fingers together and walking hand-in-hand towards Russia Sushi with smiles on their faces and hearing their children's voices that would ask Izaya silly questions. It was all that Izaya could ever wanted, and it just made him feel much like a different man then what he used to be. And yet...he loved that feeling of changing into someone new.

It was later one summer morning with the sound of a toy squeaking loudly. Izaya slowly sat up with his wife with a smile on his face as he sees his children giggling and his one and only little girl squeaking her small doll that ______had made for her and decided to put a squeak in it for good luck. "Wake up daddy!" The children cried as he smiled and chuckled lightly. "Alright alright (Girl Name) I'm up" He then picked her up and helped her crawl on to the bed before helping his sons next and the entire family was together in the king sized bed. "Good morning darling..." His wife said softly and shared a small kiss before she got up and left the room to start the day. Izaya ran around, playing the scary monster while the little boys and girl would scream and they would playfully run around the big and spacey apartment as laughter and playful screams filled the halls. "Daddy's going to get you!" He cried as he grabbed his little daughter and picked her up, tickling her sides and causing her to squirm and laugh loudly while his sons tried to pry his tickling fingers off of her. "Oh so (1st boy name) wants a tickle from daddy does he?" He then swiftly tickled (1st boy name)'s sides and watched him laugh to the point of tears and held onto his hands to try to pry them off of his sides. (2nd boy name) sneaked up behind his father and pounced on his back as Izaya playfully groaned and laughed and held his second son. "There you are you little sneaker!" He cried, laughing loudly as he started a gentle yet very playful fight with his look-alike son. His first son had the same length of his hair, yet it had his wife's (h/c) with both his and _____ eye colors mixed together. A perfect combination to him. His second son looked exactly like him, and his little girl...(girl name)...looked exactly like his wife, and it always made him smile every day just to see her eyes and smile to light up the world like a ray of sunshine. He loved his married life to death, and would never do anything to give it away and let things go back the way they were. "Izaya! Kids! Breakfast is ready!" Izaya smiled and picked up (2nd boy name) and put him on his shoulders while he held both (1st boy name) and (girl name)'s hand and walked them to the dining table. They ate their breakfast while exchanging conversations, his children asking the same silly questions and his wife telling him about her dreams that she would have at night. It was all blissfully wonderful for him to have a family that he never asked for, yet it came to him because of a one-time encounter with ________.

It was later that night, Izaya had finally finished his work for the day and was helping _____ set the table for dinner, his children playing and his second son bragging about him growing up to be just like his dad which made his smile grow wider. "You've been very happy today Izaya...I don't think I've seen that side of you, other then your cocky and childish side.." Izaya smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist, looking into her (e/c) eyes and planting a kiss on her lips. "I'm just so happy that I have you and the children in my life..." She smiled and gave him a kiss on his cheek as she smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck before connecting her lips with his and sharing a long, and passionate kiss; breaking the kiss, she smiled and went into the kitchen to serve the food. The entire family sat down and shared some new conversations and (2nd boy name) standing on his chair and smiling at his father. "Daddy, will I one day grow up to be just like you?" Izaya chuckled and nodded "Only if you work very hard to be like daddy son, now please sit back down mommy and daddy don't want you to get hurt." (2nd boy name) smiled and did as he was told. (girl name) then asked, "Hey daddy, can you tell us the story of how you met mommy again?" Izaya laughed lightly "Again? This is the 10th time I told you this month sweetheart." "Pleeeeeeeaaasse daddy...?" He couldn't say no, so he chuckled and nodded. "Alright, this will be the last time I tell you alright?" The children nodded and looked at their father as he told them the story of how ______, and Izaya met once more.

"I then, said "I do" and gave a kiss to mommy. The kissed, turned her into the most beautiful woman that I have ever known, and then we had you and lived happily ever after." The children cheered and stood from their seats as they ran off to play once more while Izaya and ______ cleaned up the table. "I wish that everyday was just like today." His wife said aloud as he wrapped his arms around her waist and gave a kiss to his cheek. "That just might come true darling..." She smiled and planted a kiss on his lips, both sharing a passionate and loving kiss that was full of true love.

This is a new series that I suddenly came up with about an hour ago XD

OMG THIS CHAPTER IS SO FUCKING FLUFFY!!! :iconitssofluffyplz: HORY SHIT!! I'm just dying of the fluffiness!!! AGH!!!

I'm really sorry if Izaya OOC but that's how I'm making him in this chapter, PLEASE DON'T HATE ME!!! Hope you've enjoyed this fluffy chapter ^^

For more of the feels of fluffiness, listen to this song:…

Izaya does not belong to me, neither do you.


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